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  • Mental Health Support for Young Carers

    Mental Health Support for Young Carers

    We are very pleased to announce…. That DCA has been awarded a large grant from “Children in Need”, this has been awarded to enable us to employ a specialist Mental Health support worker for 3 years to give additional support to our young carers, for those experiencing mental health issues or are caring for a family member with mental health issues.

    The project aims to improve understanding of the cared for’s condition, help them to develop coping strategies, build Mental Health resilience and emotional wellbeing. It will also help them to identify their own mental health needs and to seek the support for those needs.
    Through the project we will recognise the early signs and symptoms of poor mental health and help reduce social isolation for our Young Carers by building better social interaction for peer support and build greater positive relationships, both at home, in school and out in the wider community.

    Young people’s mental health is deservedly a hot topic, young carers in particular are known to experience isolation, stress, stigma and other issues that lead to poor mental health which can impact on their role as a Carer and specifically on their health and wellbeing.

    Those with the highest level of caring are much more likely to have negative feelings about their caring role and to have physical and psychological symptoms, having specialist support is important to them coping.

    Around a third of young carers, care for someone with a mental health condition and go unidentified and unsupported because the illness is less visible.

    Caring for someone with a mental health condition they are more reluctant to tell anyone due to the fear of stigmatisation, and are more fearful due to the unpredictable and intermittent nature of mental health causing them great distress.

    Having a specialist worker to support both the Young Carer and their family’s needs is vital to improving the lives of young carers.

    A survey of 348 young carers found 48% said being a young carer made them feel stressed and 44% said it made them feel tired.

    A survey of 61 young carers in school found that 38% had mental health problems.

    A Carers Trust survey of young adult carers found that 45% reported mental health problems.

  • Mental Health Support

    Mental Health Support

    Could you or someone you know benefit from accessing 1-1 support to help better manage mental health? It’s quick and easy to make a referral into the Derbyshire Recovery and Peer Support Service:

    1. You can call their Single Point of Access number on 01773 734989, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
    There is always someone available to complete the referral form with you which usually takes around 10 minutes.

    2. They can also accept referrals via their service email.
    If you would like an electronic copy of the referral form then please email them at

    Thanks :)

  • Carer Support and pamper day at Clay Cross

    Carer Support and pamper day at Clay Cross

    Carers Support and Pamper Day

    At Clay Cross Social Centre, Market Street, S45 9JE


    Open to the public from 11am – 2pm

    Come along for your FREE BODY MOT





    Supported by Derbyshire Carers Association

    For further information please contact Bob Steer on 01246 864661

  • BRIGHT SIDE COURSES – Taking steps to feeling more positive through learning new skills

    BRIGHT SIDE COURSES – Taking steps to feeling more positive through learning new skills

    The Autumn courses are now available from the Bright Side project, which is offered free by Derbyshire County Council Adult Education Service, to anyone who is experiencing mental health issues, emotional or psychological distress or those feeling socially isolated.

    One in four of us will experience mental health issues in a year. The courses are normally 12 hours long, spread over several weeks.

    They deliver a rich variety of practical and hands on skills, including dancing, singing, cookery, gardening, dry stone walling, relaxation and arts and crafts activities, all delivered in a small friendly and supportive group.

    People with understanding and experience of mental health issues are helping us design the Bright Side project because they know how learning new skills can help.

    Additional support will be provided to help you join in, enjoy yourself and move on.

    East Derbyshire Leaflet

    West Derbyshire Leaflet

    South Derbyshire Leaflet

    For more information please contact or call 01629 536 569

  • Feeling Low, Anxious, Isolated? Drop in group in Chesterfield

    Feeling Low, Anxious, Isolated? Drop in group in Chesterfield

    You may be interested to know that DORA 2017 are running mental health related drop in coffee mornings at Monkey Park in Chesterfield.

    They run on the 1st Tuesday each month from 10.30am – 2.30pm and you will find a friendly and welcoming social environment.

    It will give you a chance to socialise, find out what is going on in the community, join in with activities including arts, crafts, games or just have a chat.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Event

    Mental Health and Wellbeing Event

    Connect 5 – Mental Health and Wellbeing Event

    Thursday 10th May 2018

    10.30am – 3.30pm

    Assembly Rooms, Market Hall, Chesterfield

  • Mental Health Carers Art Group - Chesterfield (Not DCA facilitated)

    Mental Health Carers Art Group - Chesterfield (Not DCA facilitated)

    Meets every Friday, 10.30am – 12.30pm.

    Chesterfield Labour Club, Saltergate, Chesterfield.

    It’s a small group, all materials provided, refreshments too.

    There’s painting, drawing and, of course, we draw on our experiences as Carers.

    There’s no stress, no competition.

    Every encouragement is given for Carers to find that talent they don’t know they have.

    We learn from each other in a friendly environment. Enthusiasm is all that’s needed!

  • Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Update

    Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Update

    In December 2017 the High Court ruled that recent restrictions to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) discriminated against people with mental health problems.

    All the people receiving the personal independence payment benefit (1.6million) will have their claims reviewed and some of them may have their payments increased if their initial assessments are found to be discriminatory.

    New regulations introduced last year stated that if a claimant could not make a familiar journey by themselves then they would be eligible for a bigger payment, however if they could not make such a journey due to psychological distress then they would not be entitled to this payment. This has now been ruled as “blatantly discriminatory” against people with mental health conditions

    If psychological distress affects your ability to make familiar journeys, then there is a chance that you could be entitled to more support. The Government has stated that it will write to everyone who has been affected and that if you are now entitled to these extra payments then it will be backdated to when you had your original decision or to December 2016 (which is when a court first ruled that people should be entitled to more support).

    More information Click the link to visit the BBC article BBC News Article

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