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  • Derby Book Festival Competition

    Derby Book Festival Competition

    Can you write about ‘Our World’ in up to 50 words?

    That is the challenge they are setting for their 2019 Fifty Word Flash Fiction Writing Competition. They are looking for stories of up to fifty words, as calculated on the website entry form (excluding the title). You can interpret the theme of ‘Our World’ in any way you wish, but your work must be original, and it must tell a complete story.

    There are three age categories – 11 years and under, 12 – 17 years, 18 years and over. There will be one winner in each category. A panel of experts will judge the entries and each winning story will be illustrated by a local illustrator, Evelyn Hunter, and printed on Festival bookmarks, which will be used to promote the Festival.

    There will be a prize for each category of a £50 Waterstones book token.

    The closing date for the competition is 10pm on Wednesday 8 May 2019.

    All entries must be submitted online using their website form, which can be found on the Derby Book Festival website:
    Website Link…

    Last year’s competition (on the theme of ‘If Only’) attracted around 500 entries and they look forward to receiving even more this year.

    If you need some tips on Flash Fiction, take a look at some previous winning stories, which they hope will inspire you to enter!

    A year younger

    If only I was a year younger, I wouldn’t be here, bound to this mud clogged trench waiting to die. I wouldn’t be cursed to lie looking at the shells arcing above, will one hit me today? Or will my heart be pierced by their cold steel bayonets, if only…

    Bobby Derbyshire


    “Come with me,” he said, “and I will show you worlds.” And he did: lapis palaces and red rock caves; deep sea trenches and coral gardens; wind carved deserts and disappearing ice. When he died he left me his books. Now I travel the pages alone and think of him.

    Sherri Turner

  • Carers in Employment

    Carers in Employment

    Derbyshire Carers Association – Carers in Employment Initiative

    Derbyshire Carers Association hosted an employment event at the stunning Locko Park in Spondon. The event was to help employers understand how to support working Carers within their workforce and understand the impact of their Caring responsibilities.

    There are more than 3 million people who currently have work and caring responsibilities within the UK. 1 in 9 of a workforce in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire has unpaid caring responsibilities at any one time. This work results in British businesses’ and the UK economy potentially saving up to £1.3 billion a year ( It is approximated that giving them support to manage unpaid caring alongside their paid work would benefit them, their families and their employer.

    Since launching The Carers in Employment project last year, DCA have now recruited over 70 businesses in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, all of which have signed up to their Carers Pledge. The pledge states that each organisation has to nominate a key member of staff (Carers Champion) to attend regular events and training sessions that detail information to help support both the Carer and the employer within their organisation. DCA will review HR policies and procedures to enable employers to offer different levels of support within the workplace. Examples of this could be:

    Flexible working hours
    Access to a telephone
    Car parking space at/near work
    Working from home
    Unpaid and paid leave
    Career breaks

    Organisations that have introduced flexible working and special leave arrangements for Carers have judged them a success. Their message is: it makes business sense to care for Carers.

    The flexible supportive approach:

    Attracts and retains staff
    Reduces stress
    Reduces recruitment and training costs
    Increases resilience and productivity
    Reduces sick leave and absenteeism
    Improves service delivery
    Produces cost savings
    Improves people management
    Increases staff morale

    If you’re organisation would like to be part of the Carers in Employment project and sign up to our pledge then please get in contact on Tel: 01773 833833 or E-mail:

  • Body Shop Party

    Body Shop Party

    Derbyshire Carers Association invites you to drop in on

    Tuesday 7th May 2019 10am—3pm

    at Hearing Help 156 Derby road, Ripley, DE5 8HU

    Body Shop products for sale, to try and to order..

    Tea, coffee, biscuits and cake available.

    20% of all sales of products go to Derbyshire Carers Association

    Free 5 min makeovers and facials plus free hand and arm massage.

    For more information contact : or telephone 01773 833833

  • NHS and long term conditions

    NHS and long term conditions

    The Government is investing £20 billion a year in the NHS as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

    Local organisations have now been asked to work together to develop their own plans, which will set out how the national plan will work across local areas.

    Have your say about the future of the NHS in our area.

    The public are being asked for their views on how support for long term conditions could be improved.

    Here is the link to the survey:

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