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  • Mental Health Support for Young Carers

    Mental Health Support for Young Carers

    We are very pleased to announce…. That DCA has been awarded a large grant from “Children in Need”, this has been awarded to enable us to employ a specialist Mental Health support worker for 3 years to give additional support to our young carers, for those experiencing mental health issues or are caring for a family member with mental health issues.

    The project aims to improve understanding of the cared for’s condition, help them to develop coping strategies, build Mental Health resilience and emotional wellbeing. It will also help them to identify their own mental health needs and to seek the support for those needs.
    Through the project we will recognise the early signs and symptoms of poor mental health and help reduce social isolation for our Young Carers by building better social interaction for peer support and build greater positive relationships, both at home, in school and out in the wider community.

    Young people’s mental health is deservedly a hot topic, young carers in particular are known to experience isolation, stress, stigma and other issues that lead to poor mental health which can impact on their role as a Carer and specifically on their health and wellbeing.

    Those with the highest level of caring are much more likely to have negative feelings about their caring role and to have physical and psychological symptoms, having specialist support is important to them coping.

    Around a third of young carers, care for someone with a mental health condition and go unidentified and unsupported because the illness is less visible.

    Caring for someone with a mental health condition they are more reluctant to tell anyone due to the fear of stigmatisation, and are more fearful due to the unpredictable and intermittent nature of mental health causing them great distress.

    Having a specialist worker to support both the Young Carer and their family’s needs is vital to improving the lives of young carers.

    A survey of 348 young carers found 48% said being a young carer made them feel stressed and 44% said it made them feel tired.

    A survey of 61 young carers in school found that 38% had mental health problems.

    A Carers Trust survey of young adult carers found that 45% reported mental health problems.

  • Fundraising Success for DCA

    Fundraising Success for DCA

    DCA have been tirelessly working to raise more funds to be able to put on more fun activities for the Carers we support. Recently we have been very successful in gaining some funds for different areas of support as highlighted below:-

    Bolsover Rotary Club have very kindly rewarded a grant of £500 to Bolsover Young Carers for a Chatsworth Christmas visit, this will enable the Young Carers to have a fun day out and get a break from their caring responsibilities.

    Amber Valley Soroptomists International raised £150 towards activities for our Young Carers in the Amber Valley, this will go towards putting on more activities for them during school holidays.

    Here at Derbyshire Carers we are thrilled to receive £200 from #RichmondCareHome to help fund activities for the adult Carers we support, we hope to use this to put on some more pamper days.

    The National Lottery have awarded a grant to fund a Befriending Project Worker – Rural to continue to develop the Telephone Befriending Service (for the Carers we support in rural areas & who have the greatest risk of isolation and loneliness), this job is currently being advertised on our website.

    The National Lottery also awarded us a community fund for Young Carers this will go towards preventing social isolation of Young Carers.

    The Edward Gostling Foundation have given us some money to fund more activities for our Young Carers Project.

    Children in Need have also awarded us a grant for a Young Carers Mental Health worker which we have recently recruited for.

    Alvaston WI have given us £175 to help support the Young Carers.

    The Mayor of Ripley gave funds to help us provide additional emotional support to the Young Carers.

    Rothera Sharp has also kindly donated funds to support the Young Carers service.

    The Mary Potter Hospital Trust gave a grant to support a specific family that we support who was in crisis.

    We are continually working to raise unrestricted funds out in our community and if you can help us to fundraise or donate please contact Amanda – or ring 01773 833 833

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