94 year-old Carer steals the show at the Beeb!

A Derby City Carer was in the limelight when he appeared on BBC’s Breakfast TV – celebrating National Carers Week 2015.

Long-time Carer – Victor Shaw-Wilson, who cares for his 85 year old wife Alicia, was totally at ease as he explained to viewers his caring role and just how it affects his everyday living.

Accompanied and supported by Narinder Sharma – CEO for Derbyshire Carers Association, Victor gave an honest and frank account of his experiences saying: ‘the word ‘Carer’ – if you look it up – means ‘to love somebody’. It doesn’t matter if you’re caring for your wife, partner or a friend.

‘Once you’ve started, you suddenly realise that it’s 24-hours, seven days a week, you can’t say to yourself: ‘l’ll turn it off’.

Victor explained further how Derbyshire Carers Association had supported him: ‘In the last couple of years, my wife has become progressively ill with ancillary problems as well as an abnormal heart condition.’

‘I didn’t know which way to turn for support, when one morning I happened to be walking past DCA’s offices on Babington Lane and thought – ‘I wonder what they do?’ So I went in and simply asked for help’.

Victor added: ‘The only way that I’ve got through this, is by going to the Carers Association – it’s an organisation that has literary given me back my sanity’.

With National Carers Week coming to a close as this interview was broadcast, Victor’s interview couldn’t be better!

National Carers Week

Is an annual campaign, traditionally aiming to raise the profile of Carers across the UK and to increase awareness of caring, highlight the challenges Carers face – and to recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

This year, the campaign focused on building Carer Friendly Communities, to help support Carers look after their loved ones, while recognising that Carers are individuals with needs of their own.

On the BBC Breakfast Sofa

Narinder and Victor were interviewed on the famous BBC Breakfast sofa – as part of a series of reports highlighting the vital work of Carers and further explaining the support available.

For further information regarding Carer support in your area, please telephone: 01773 743355 or
E-Mail info@derbyshirecarers.co.uk