Best Breakfast Sucess!

I became aware that the Carers’ Association had suggested a “breakfast” promotion to raise funds but, as a carer, breakfast is already quite a hectic daily activity and I knew that such any such venture would fail.

During discussions with one of our many grandchildren I was reminded that we had a “tame” chef in the family who had returned to Derby. Thus a “best evening meal” was born.

A Tenner For Two was our agreed target and it was achieved one Sunday evening with three “volunteer” grandchildren and company; starters,mains and puds/wine and coffee.

Our chef was aided and abetted by this carer and the evening proved successful with the £30 in the coffers of our super Carers’ Association. The diners enjoyed our efforts and departed with requests that it should be done again!

It has been an enjoyable way to say a thank you to all those at Carers who do so much to support us.