Carers Pledge

In Derby City 12 G.P. practices and Derby City Council have signed up to the Carers Pledge with Councillor Martin Repton signing the pledge on behalf of Derby City Council. In the County we have 20 Practices signed up with many more requesting application packs. Wider in the Community, Derbyshire Community Health Centre have signed the Pledge to support Carers within Community Hospitals and within the Community Services. Toby Perkins, Chesterfield MP has signed up to campaign for better Carer awareness and understanding. The Pledge has also reached local sporting clubs with Derbyshire County Cricket Club signing the Pledge to review their Carer Polices and explore ways of working better for Carers.
Collectively we would like all organisations, services and groups in Derbyshire to sign up to the Carers Pledge so we can work together to raise Carers Awareness, improve understanding and celebrate Carers in Derbyshire.

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