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16 October 2019

About us

Derbyshire Carers Association was founded by Gerry Fryer in 1988 following circumstances which found him in the caring position as described by himself here.

Once he realised how little support there was for Carers Gerry aimed for and met his aspiration for Carer support provision.

With the help of some other Carers, Derbyshire Carers Association gained it’s first paid employee in 1989, this has now grown to over 30 dedicated and passionate employees as well as a large number of volunteers.



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Carers Survey Online Link

The Council are carrying out a self-assessment exercise on the way they support unpaid family carers in Derbyshire.

This will help them to reflect on what is going well and where things can be done differently.

The self-assessment is being supported by the Department of Health and Social Care and every Local Authority across the country will be expected to carry out the same exercise.

The results will be shared nationally to pinpoint common themes and areas for further work, ensuring everyone is delivering on their duties to carers.

This is your opportunity to let DCC know how they are currently supporting their unpaid carers across the county and they would like as many carers as possible to contribute to their self–assessment.

An organisation called Sortified. is helping all local authorities in the East Midlands to do this by hosting an online survey and DCC would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to complete this.

Carers survey link…