COVID 19 Psychological Therapies Pathway

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COVID 19 Psychological Therapies Pathway

The mental health impacts of Covid-19 are likely to be significant and sustained. Projecting the extent and duration of the effects on mental health is not easy. Trent PTS would like to take a proactive approach and are ready to offer interventions for those impacted populations.

We are aware that some of the early warning signs that something is going wrong for a patient in recovery from COVID-19 would come to the attention of the primary physician/key worker. Trent PTS want to support these staff and their patients by making psychological therapies easily and quickly available.

During the COVID19 restrictions our services have remained open through the availability of Telehealth care (video, telephone, text chat) and can be accessed by anyone via the self-referral telephone numbers or online at our website. We can also, where suitable, set up dedicated referral pathways from other key health/social care agencies.

At risk populations:

·         Those recovering from the virus, in particular those hospitalised and vented but not exclusively

·         Front line staff and carers (including care homes)

·         Those impacted by social Isolation, furlough or other circumstances causing an impact on mental health

·         Those having to shield (long term conditions and older people)

·         People bereaved, with complicated reactions

Common psychological reactions to COVID-19:

·         Post-traumatic stress distress disorder (20% of survivors of intensive care routinely experience PTSD)

·         Health Anxiety

·         Anxiety and Depression

·         Grief, Loss and Bereavement, including traumatic grief

Intervention available at Trent PTS:

·         Provision of information

·         Psychological education to normalise symptoms and explain causes

·         Support for emotional distress

·         Cognitive-behavioural approaches

·         Trauma based interventions

·         Counselling

·         Interventions to increase confidence in, and overcome fear of, resuming normal activities

·         Signposting


Online at:

Telephone: 01332 265659 Derbyshire

       0115 896 3160 Nottingham

To discuss integrated referral routes