Derbyshire Carers Association Highlights Carers’ Stories

The videos explain the carers’ role, what providing care has meant and the impact on a carer’s life. The frustration, rewards, satisfaction and joy of caring.

Jean’s Story

Jean has been a carer for her husband for many years. She has continued to care while working with the Stroke Association and juggling various other commitments. In the video Jean reveals the reality of caring, what has been her source of inspiration and how DCA have helped.

Michael’s Story

Michael has been a source of inspiration as a volunteer at DCA and has cared for many years. He was a young carer for his parents and now volunteers widely with local charities while juggling many other commitments. Through the video he explains frankly how he came to be a carer and how it changed his life. Michael also talks about the support DCA have provided and how this has helped.

John’s story

John has been a carer for his wife for many years while managing various other commitments. John openly explains how work, guilt and worry affected him and how becoming a carer changed his life. He also talks about the support DCA have offered and how this benefited him. John also discusses how his passions have helped him to cope; his love of pottery, meditation and photography.

Janet’s Story

Janet relates how she came to be a carer and how it has changed her life. She also talks about the support DCA have offered and in what ways this has helped.

Get in Touch

Across the UK there are 7 million carers – half juggling care with work, a third caring for older relatives alongside raising children. In Derbyshire there are over 120,000 unpaid carers.

DCA are currently supporting over 18,000 carers in Derbyshire. If you are a carer you can contact us on 01773 833 833.