Since the 9th October 2017 we have been informed that the current position of Derbyshire Carers Association providing information and advice, undertaking Carers Assessments, and providing
ongoing support is potentially to cease on the 31st March 2018. See below a summary of the consultation:

Following the results of the Carers Survey in March 2017 work has been completed by Derby City Council to review the current process for Carers services within Derby. These services include information, advice and support, promoting carers wellbeing, emergency plans, training, Carers breaks and Carers assessments. The Future of Carers Services consultation is designed to inform how assessments and other Carers services could be delivered in the future.

There are currently two commissioned Carers contracts. Firstly with Derbyshire Carers Association (DCA) for support to discharge duties as defined in the Carers Act 2014 including assessment and signposting. Secondly with Creative Carers who provide carers short breaks, training, information and advice. These two separate contracts expire at the end of March 2018 and the end of August 2018 respectively, so the Council now need to consult on different approaches to the Carers Service in Derby City.

The Council also want to consult on the viability and potential development of a jointly funded Carers website with Derbyshire County Council to enable information and advice to be provided about relevant services and benefits, following the recommendations of Carers.

Derby City Council wants to hear your views on these proposals giving you the opportunity to shape future Carers services in Derby.

The caring professionalism and understanding has been immense. Nothing was too much trouble for them, information was always found and sorted quickly and effectively – Derby City Carer

For me Derbyshire Carers, Carers Breaks and Training days were a lifeline, giving me a reason to think about me. The programme seemed more approachable not just for show. I would be devastated if DCA lost there funding. They do a ‘real’ service for carers, not just something that looks good on the surface – Derby City Carer

The staff’s knowledge and experience allows good trusting relationships which is something that’s hard to find. As a mental health user I recognise the excellent work DCA do – Derby City Mental Health Carer & User

Efficient service with dignity and no rushing as they understand the caring role and always do the best that they can do even if it is just research – Derby City Carer

The staff are always ready to help with advice and are really good at setting up regular events to keep everyone informed – Derby City Carer

You can take part by visiting www.derby.gov.uk and completing an online survey. Alternatively, contact Adrian McNaney on 01332 642752 or email adrian.mcnaney@derby.gov.uk to request a paper copy of the questionnaire.

The closing date for all submissions is Friday 12th January 2018.