Heart of Derbyshire Free Cooking on a Budget Courses - More funding agreed!

01 August 2018

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Derbyshire Carers Association was founded by Gerry Fryer in 1988 following circumstances which found him in the caring position as described by himself here.

Once he realised how little support there was for Carers Gerry aimed for and met his aspiration for Carer support provision.

With the help of some other Carers, Derbyshire Carers Association gained it’s first paid employee in 1989, this has now grown to over 30 dedicated and passionate employees as well as a large number of volunteers.



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Heart of Derbyshire Free Cooking on a Budget Courses - More funding agreed!

Further funding has been agreed for the free ‘Healthy Cooking on a Budget’ courses that were running last year.

The target groups

-Adults with learning disabilities
-Weight management groups
-Elderly people
-Food bank users
-Parents, especially those in deprived areas
-BME groups
-Brightside mental health
-Those at risk of homelessness

Courses will include:

-Basic cooking skills
-An introduction to creating simple and balanced healthy meals using affordable, seasonal and fresh ingredients
-Understanding the importance of food hygiene, storage and planning
-Budgeting and food shopping advice

Courses are approximately 12 hours in length but the delivery of them can be varied to suit the group wanting a course.

Can be 6 weeks of 2 hrs per week, 4 weeks of 3 hrs a week, etc. The maximum number of people in a group is 8, minimum 5 ideally.

Venues don’t need to have a perfectly stocked teaching kitchen but a kitchen, even a small one adjacent to a larger room, is needed as each course needs at least 1 oven, a fridge, a couple of sinks and plenty of preparation space

For more information contact

email nikki.wright@derbyshire.gov.uk


tel: 07518 863860.

Also you can read the leaflet for more information here


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