Heart of Derbyshire Free Cooking on a Budget Courses - More funding agreed!

Further funding has been agreed for the free ‘Healthy Cooking on a Budget’ courses that were running last year.

The target groups

-Adults with learning disabilities
-Weight management groups
-Elderly people
-Food bank users
-Parents, especially those in deprived areas
-BME groups
-Brightside mental health
-Those at risk of homelessness

Courses will include:

-Basic cooking skills
-An introduction to creating simple and balanced healthy meals using affordable, seasonal and fresh ingredients
-Understanding the importance of food hygiene, storage and planning
-Budgeting and food shopping advice

Courses are approximately 12 hours in length but the delivery of them can be varied to suit the group wanting a course.

Can be 6 weeks of 2 hrs per week, 4 weeks of 3 hrs a week, etc. The maximum number of people in a group is 8, minimum 5 ideally.

Venues don’t need to have a perfectly stocked teaching kitchen but a kitchen, even a small one adjacent to a larger room, is needed as each course needs at least 1 oven, a fridge, a couple of sinks and plenty of preparation space

For more information contact

email nikki.wright@derbyshire.gov.uk


tel: 07518 863860.

Also you can read the leaflet for more information here