International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is fast approaching, like a peregrine falcon, so it’s time to look at the different women who made Derbyshire Carer’s Association possible.

Founded in 1988, this organisation provides help and support to the sympathetic carers that aid the elderly, the disabled, and the addicts, offering advice for these carers, and recommendations for other helpful services. DCA hosts support groups at the Chaddesden Fire Station, the Royal Buildings on Victoria Street and the Roman Catholic Church on Uttoxeter Road.

This event has been around for more than a century, having first began in Germany and neighbouring countries as a celebratory event, and later in Russia as a protest for gender equity.

By 1975, the UN recognised International Women’s Day as an event, and is even considered a holiday in several countries you wouldn’t expect, including Angola, Cambodia, Eritrea, Laos, and Tajikistan.

As an inspiration let’s look at what some of the female members of DCA do:

Deb has been a veteran care worker for years, and now works as the operation manager.

Helen often referred to as “Lovely Helen” is the civil and diligent manager.

Nicky is the stalwart overseer of all aspects of administration in the four different offices.

Katie is the highly motivated administrator, working as the engine of the company.

Louise is a professional in finance, with a keen eye for detail.

Janie is legendary for her soothing telephone manner, and ensures that the team is up to date with the relevant qualifications.

Janis “The heartbeat” is the heart of DCA, with a massive amount of empathy an understanding, she’s a truly inspiring woman.

For 2019, the theme is “balance for better”, which is about promoting women in the workplace. There’s been an increase of women in several industries, ranging from culinary to logistics, which is a far cry from a hundred years ago, where the idea of women filling these roles was seen as ludicrous.

Other companies from all over the world are playing their part to make a contribution for IWD as well.
AECOM, an international company that designs solutions to a variety of challenges, is working to increase the amount of women found in managerial roles by twice as much in the next twelve months, and even have more employed women for their Middle East, Indian, and African branches.

British American Tobacco is using the day as an opportune moment to show off their female scientists—from toxicologists to sensory scientists—in the industry that design many of their alternatives to cigarettes found in almost fifty countries.