What is abuse?

Abuse is when a person says or does something which makes you feel very sad or scared. Sometimes it might also be against the law.

Abuse can be caused by anyone. It could be a stranger or even someone who you feel comfortable with like a friend, carer or family member.

Abuse could happen anywhere; in your home, in a public place, at work or college, or online.

Abuse is never your fault and nobody has the right to abuse you.

Abuse is wrong and you should tell someone. If you are scared, tell someone who you trust who can report it for you.


Abuse occurs when a vulnerable adult or child is mistreated, neglected or harmed by another person.

The abuse can be accidental or deliberate and can take many forms.



Safeguarding is the process which protects a person’s right to live free from harm, abuse, neglect or exploitation.

If you suspect abuse, all you need to do is share your concerns with us - your call could make a difference.

For Adult (and children) safeguarding concerns:

Police – in emergency tel: 999 

non emergency tel: 101

Call Derbyshire – tel: 01629 533190

Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults website –

Derbyshire Safeguarding Children website –