Schools Liaison worker

It’s been a busy few months for school liaison. Since September I have been introducing the Young Carers Service to schools across the county. Focused work has begun in Amber Valley, with over twenty schools engaging with the service. Schools have had awareness raising assemblies for their pupils, telling all the children about young carers and how important they are to their families.

Staff in many schools have received training and support in how to identify and support young carers in their schools. This has led to an increase in the number of young carers being identified and referred to the young carers service, with many schools identifying several young carers.

The next targeted area is South Derbyshire, with focused work beginning here over the next few months. One of our High Peak workers is starting to raise awareness of young carers by visiting secondary schools in the High Peak area.

Head teachers in all schools across the county are being sent a bulletin, detailing the work we’ve been doing with young carers and the support that they are able to access. I am also attending governors’ briefings during March, to continue to spread the message widely.

Links have been made with the Education Psychology team, and with the Locality Children’s Partnership teams, making sure that different services working with children across the county are aware of the service and how best to support young carers.

In association with Derbyshire County Council we are now launching our Young Carers School Award, which is available to all schools across Derbyshire. It details a set of standards, demonstrating good practice in supporting young carers in schools. This will offer our schools recognition for the great work that they are doing for young carers. Schools will be given support to meet the standards and will be revisited regularly to help them to maintain and build on the work that they are doing.

If you are interested in finding out more about the School Liaison Service, please contact Helen Yates at or 01773 833 833.