Young Carers Everyone’s a Film Maker Project

A Derbyshire County Council Action grant has been awarded for a new project “Young Carers Everyone’s a Film Maker Project” - 

An exciting new project, taught by a professional film maker, teaching our young carers how to use film technology & editing software, tohelp them create, edit and publish their own work.

This could be film, music, vlogs, YouTube videos, and they will also learn interviewing techniques. Most young people are online, and enjoy home style content created by individuals or groups. This content is often self-made and produced at home; therefore we would like our project to give young carers the takeaway skills to create this kind of media for themselves at home and to create work to raise awareness of Young carers out in the community.

The plan is to equip a group of young carers with these technological skills and learning, then these young carers will over the months following the workshops, use the camera or their own phones to document young carers activities, their own lives, their caring roles, and put together a short film each.

They will then come together at the end of the project to produce a documentary of their films which we will showcase at the Derby Quad on “New Film makers Day” to promote their achievements.

This will support our own organisations awareness raising of Young Carers and their lives, while creating exciting opportunities for young carers to tell their story.