Max is an 11 year old young carer who looks after his mum who has complex health needs and relies on her son for support.  Max’s mum Heather is a wheelchair user and her health can fluctuate from day to day.   Her condition affects her mobility and her ability to carry out day to day tasks.  Heather says she worries about Max and is concerned about how her health is impacting on his emotional wellbeing. 

Max tells me he worries about his mum when he is at school and when he is at home.  He is concerned something bad may happen.  Max says he would like his mum to be able to access some support as he feels it would make things easier for her.  He informed me he is not looking forward to starting secondary school as he won’t have any friends.  As well as having low self esteem, Max is worried about everything that can go wrong. Heather is equally as worried about everything that can go wrong.

Max and I have spent time looking at mum’s support network.  Together we were able to identify friends, family members and carers who support mum on a regular basis.    This has helped to put Max’s mind at ease. 

With regards to school, I sent an email highlighting that Max is a young carer and that he may at times feel anxious as he has someone at home he cares for.  By doing this it will help the school to understand that things aren’t always as easy for young carers as the average child who is not in this position.  It will also help them to be more sensitive to Max’s needs and to be able to offer appropriate support such as allowing him to make occasional calls home to make sure his mum is okay.

Sessions are going well with Max, I believe if I can get Max to a place where he is worrying less about his mum, it will help to make his experience at secondary school more positive and enjoyable.  Max reports he is enjoying his sessions with the Young Carers service.  Due to the government Lockdown which has been in place since March, Max has been able to see things differently as he has spent more time around his mum and he has seen carers supporting mum.  This has helped him to understand that his mum is fine when he is at school.

Heather tells me Max is much happier since he has being supported by young carers and they are pleased with the level of support received.



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