NHS England are funding DCA to work with GP surgeries across Derbyshire to help them to identify and support young carers in their communities.

GP surgeries can access resources, support, training and advice from our liaison team.

We want to make GP surgeries accessible to Young Carers and help these children to feel valued in their caring role.

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To do this we are promoting our 5 Top Tips for becoming Young Carer Aware:

    1.       Put up posters and leaflets in your waiting room and online about young carers, the services we can access and who to ask for help

    2.       Have a register of young carers and keep it up to date with our details

    3.       Tell the receptionists about young carers so that they can help us if we need to call to make an appointment or ask about medication

    4.       Offer us flexible/ after school or double appointments

    5.       Train your staff so they know to ask if there are any young carers in the family and add this onto registration forms


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Our Young Carers’ Views – Why should surgeries be Young Carer Aware?


 ‘I think we need more information and help to help us understand the health needs of my mum.  To know how I can help my mum more’.

‘Back when my mum was diagnosed with bi-polar and depression all I wanted my doctor to do was to talk to me too. To let me know that my mum wasn’t going to die’.

‘The surgery need more child friendly leaflets about the conditions that my mum has… It’s not just mum that needs to know I do too.’

‘I quite often go in with my mother when she goes to the doctor, but they still don’t recognize the fact that I’m a Young Carer and still don’t pay attention or give time to that matter’.

‘(Doctors) should ask about our caring role and check in on how things are going regardless of why we are accessing the service’.

‘I tried talking to my doctor and tell them, but they don’t understand. They don’t talk to me they just want me out as quickly as possible’.



To read more about the project please download our posters below.

Young Carer Aware booklet for Professionals

Young Carer Aware GP Poster 1

Young Carer Aware GP Poster 2

Young Carer Aware Poster 3


To get involved please email: youngcarers@derbyshirecarers.co.uk




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