Marilyn K. Hambly (FRSPH) - Chair

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 I have been a Trustee of Derbyshire Carers Association since 2012 and served as Vice-Chair until October 2020 when I agreed to take on the role of Interim Chair.

 I am deeply committed to the work of DCA having had experience of the many difficulties faced by Carers within my own family. I am currently retired but remain engaged and committed to public health issues through my membership of the Royal Society for Public Health. I am keen to see greater emphasis nationally on the needs of Carers of all ages and, in particular, more recognition of the impact of caring on mental and physical health.

 My professional career included many years working at senior level in the planning and management of health and social care services. I also have experience of developing and managing information/advice services and re-generation projects within disadvantaged communities. My three years spent working for a national charity helped me to better understand the valuable role played by the voluntary sector in supporting people struggling with health and disability issues. Prior to retirement, I was a Commissioning Manager for a local authority where my focus was on Carers services.


Chris Mitchell – (BA MA CQSW) Trustee

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I recently finished a full 40 year career, working entirely in Social Care. I am a qualified social worker who specialised in working with vulnerable adults including; psychiatric social work, people who have a Learning Disability and also adults with Autism.

I have worked in both local authorities and the voluntary sector in posts from front-line social work to Deputy Chief Executive. For 7 years I led the Nottinghamshire Adults with Asperger’s Team, which enjoyed a positive reputation in delivering high quality support packages for people with complex needs, and was itself commended by the Department of Health.

I had to take early retirement from Derbyshire Carers Association (DCA) last year after the pandemic meant local services were temporarily closed and I needed to supervise my son, Maitiu, who has Downs Syndrome and Autism.

After having our two sons, my wife and I went on to adopt three children who have Downs Syndrome. Maitiu's two older sisters live in a shared supported living house in Wirksworth and Maitiu continues to live at home.

Besides being a Trustee for DCA, I am also a Public Governor for Derbyshire Healthcare Trust where I represent the needs of vulnerable adults and their Carers in the Derbyshire Dales.

When time allows, I enjoy exploring local history and archaeology, and when the opportunity arises, watching films, live music and visiting the theatre.  


Victor Shaw-Willson (M.A. (Mod Lang), B.Sc) – Trustee

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I was a paratrooper on active duty in the army. I am professionally qualified in fire and explosive protection which became a civilian professional company. As a volunteer in the probation service, I also taught young people who were fighting drug addiction and dependence.

After leaving the service, I met my wife, Alicia, and we were together for 63 years until her death in 2019 following many years of severe disability. I was her Carer from 1972 after her first period in intensive care.

I approached Derbyshire Carers Association (in Derby) because the support I needed was not available - I was then aged 89 years. During my time with DCA, I offered help to support Carers in any avenue deemed suitable. A friend and I organised an auction to raise funds for the thousands of Carers DCA support. I was asked to help DCA by appearing on TV and equally was interviewed on Derby radio on several occasions.

 Since my wife died, I have continued to offer support where needed and was asked to become a Trustee at the beginning of 2020. I will continue to do so even in this difficult time because Carers need active support which is not always regularly available to them.  I am now in my hundredth year.


 Dr. Amy Baraniak (C. Psychol., Registered Health Psychologist, FHEA) - Trustee

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 I am a Chartered Psychologist, HCPC Registered Health Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of Derby.  Health psychology is all about how we can use psychology to promote and maintain health, improve health care and inform health policy, prevent illness and disability and enhance outcomes for those who are living with (or caring for) someone with illness or disability.  All of these issues are really important for Carers.

My relationship with DCA began in 2014 when I worked with a team at the university to support DCA to evaluate the services they provide and to explore the health and wellbeing of carers in Derby and Derbyshire.  Having experienced some of the complexities and associated stresses of caring, as well as some of the joys that the caring role can bring, I was pleased to be able to support the organisation in this way. 

I was especially delighted to be able to join the Board of Trustees in February 2020 and feel that this enables me to support the organisation more effectively with the skills that I have and also find new ways of supporting staff and Carers within the organisation.  I am really passionate about supporting DCA to fully understand the experiences of Carers, the impact that caring has on their overall wellbeing and the priorities of Carers, as well as the impact of the services provided by DCA to help drive improvements in services to improve outcomes for Carers.  I worked for many years in primary health care prior to my move into academia in 2009 in a variety of roles, including service audit and evaluation, service development and as a trainee health psychologist delivering behaviour change interventions for patients.


 Dr. Nohaid Ilyas – Trustee

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 I am currently Clinical Lead for the GP+ service as well as Southglade Medical Practice and a few other Nottingham clinical services. I have a special interest in teaching and addictions medicine and previously sat on the board of GB and Europe Alcoholics Anonymous as a Non-Alcoholic Trustee and was Clinical and Operations Director for Birdsgrove House, an addictions unit that specialised in caring for healthcare professionals with addiction problems.

I am the Medical Lead on the Nottingham City GP Alliance coronavirus task force and the Clinical Lead for the Nottingham Coronavirus Medical Assessment Centre and the Nottingham Coronavirus Home Visiting Service.

I also worked for WHO and the UN specialising in the rehabilitation of primary care in post-conflict regions and have worked with many Government Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations including; ECHO, Medecin du Monde, Medecin Sans Frontiere, World Vision and The International Red Cross amongst others.

 My interest in Carers was made personal by my mother dying with dementia and being cared for by us at my brother's house.


Don Powell - Trustee Treasurer

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Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1982, I spent a varied career in Finance and Commerce, working within organisations ranging from large multinational household brands to smaller family run businesses. I was able to gain experience in both managing day to day business operations and developing and implementing plans that encouraged organisations to grow and prosper.

Now retired, I am pleased to have been appointed as a Trustee at the end of 2021 and look forward to being able to help support all the Association’s staff as they continue to maintain the excellent level of service provided to carers on a daily basis.  


I am also a Governor of a small rural primary school in Derbyshire and have a keen interest in the preservation and safeguarding of our Inland Waterways.



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