What is a Parent Carer?

A Parent Carer is an adult who provides care for a disabled child or child with a long term condition (under 18) for whom they have parental responsibility for. This can also include Grandparents/relatives who can demonstrate that they are providing, or intend to provide, regular and substantial care.


Parent Carer support in Derby/Derbyshire:

There are many online and local groups who offer support, legal advice, educational support and training to Parent Carers. Derbyshire Carers Association cannot provide support to Parent Carers whose child is under 17. For such support, please use the link below.

Please click on link to find what’s available in your area 

Click on the link for local health and wellbeing resources


What is a Parent Carer Assessment?

Parent carers of children under 18 years now have a stand-alone right to assessments and services under the Children and Families Act 2014. This is called a Parent Carers Needs Assessment.

The Children and Families Act 2014 amended the Children Act 1989 requiring:

Local councils to assess parent carers on the appearance of need or where an assessment is requested by the parent.  

It must consider the Parent Carer’s needs for support, their wishes and if they are able to continue to provide care for the disabled child, the wellbeing of the parent carer and how to safeguard and promote the welfare of the disabled child cared for.


How to request a Parent Carer Assessment:

If your child/young person is already allocated to a Professional within the Children and Families Team and is under 17 years of age you can request for them to complete your Parent Carer Assessment with you as part of your child’s assessment of their needs.

If you and your child are not currently being supported by Children and Families Service please contact Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190.


Carers Emergency Card

The Derbyshire Carers Emergency Card Scheme is a way of letting emergency services know you are a carer and that someone relies on you for support.

 Anyone who provides essential support can obtain a carers emergency card, regardless of the amount of support they provide.

 As part of the card application you will be asked to make contingency plans for the person you care for.

 This information will be kept on the Derbyshire County Council (DCC) database so professionals can access it and quickly help to arrange alternative support if required.

If your child is under 17 you can get a card but cannot get a Carers assessment. 




Click on link for grants for yourself as a Carer and your disabled child 




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