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The 2008 National Carers Strategy stated that “by preventing breakdown of the valuable support which Carers provide, not only is the financial cost of repairing Carer’s own health avoided but the additional cost of providing alternative care for the people they are supporting too”.

Hospital and GP Liaison (HAGL) has been working with health professionals since January 2012. This specialist team help identify Carers at an early stage in their caring role, enabling early intervention and support to prevent a carers reaching crisis point. The support provided contributes to reducing carer isolation and stress while increasing ability to manage their caring role.

The Hospital and GP Liaison team continues to raise awareness of Carers within the Health Sector via partnership working with Hospitals and GP practices providing:

Carer Awareness Training to staff teams and champions – We have identified Carers’ Champions in many GP practices across, these then provide a contact person for Carers within surgeries .

Share best practice – We have improved links with GP practices and staff teams to identify Carers and refer them onto Derbyshire Carers Association for support.

Provide information stands – We aim to raise awareness in hospitals of the significant role those Carers play and ensuring that they are also included in the consultations resulting in reduced interventions from Health and Social Services, making care packages more achievable.

Carer Information Packs

I’m a Carer, how can you help me?

The Hospital and GP Liason is working to ensure:
• Carers are supported at the earliest opportunity
• Health professionals are identifying Carers
• Carers receive advice and guidance
• Carers receive on-going support

Support Groups

The Teaming up for Transition team regularly facilitate Support Groups around the county and are keen to work with GP practices to support in anyway we can. Currently the we work with GP surgeries across Derbyshire and deliver presentations through the NHS Living Well Programme.

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If you would like HAGL to attend an event or you like more information contact the team on 01773 833833 or email us at

Derby GP and Hospital Promotion

Following from the success of the Health and GP Liaison Team in the county, this project is now being rolled out across GP surgeries and hospitals in Derby City. For more information on the project in Derby City please contact 01332 200002.