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Carer Profile 1

I have for many years visited a Carer who looks after his wife who has multiple illnesses, she is unable to walk any distance and spends much of her time in bed.

They have very little input from other services, it is mainly the Occupational Therapist who has done things for them – adaptation around the house, a wet room etc. The couple are in their early forties, with two children who both live at home. When I first started to visit the children were at school but they now have jobs and have moved on.

On one of my first visits to them they were really struggling with finances. The Cared For could be left for a short while, but not for long so the Carer was unable to work, this together with a family to support meant money was very tight. We explored all types of possibilities including help coming in to enable the Carer to work. We decided to ask Social Services to visit and see what help they could provide. I made the call to Social Services which resulted in a Care Manager visiting them. It was decided that the help Social Services could provide was not really what the Carer and his wife wanted – it did not fulfil their particular need.

On my next visit I asked the Cared what job he had done, he had worked as an engineer and he had qualifications. I asked them if they would like me to apply to the Elizabeth Finn Trust, to see if they could support them financially. We completed the application form and sent it in. They were then visited by someone from the Trust who checked all the details. Approximately one month later they were told that they had been accepted and that the Trust would help them. Elizabeth Finn help people who have worked in a professional capacity, they have very tight criteria but if you qualify they are very good. As a consequence the Trust pays them £20.00 a week, they get a Christmas and birthday bonus, they also get at least £900.00 a year as a one of payment to help with any incidental bills, such as boiler repairs. The Trust makes sure that what ever help they offer does not affect any benefits that may apply to them.

Recently the Cared For has had problems with blood clots and has got to go into hospital for an operation on her right leg, it is not healing up. They also have had to have there bedroom extended (they live in a bungalow) and the OT has made many visits to see them and the work should start shortly. The wet room flooring had become damaged and would cost £249.00 to repair but the OT said that this could not be done under their budget. I made an application to the Lions in Buxton they have provided the money for the repair. Hopefully it will be done in time for Christmas.