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Carer Profile 10

A female Carer contacted me after being recommended to Derbyshire Carers Association by an Occupational Therapist at Bolsover Hospital.

My first visit revealed a very stressed and tired lady who has cared for her husband with C.O.P.D., epilepsy and severe heart problems, this caused him to constantly call for the ambulance and emergency services during the night. He has a fear of dying and panics when unable to breathe, (most nights).
The ambulance staff are aware of the difficulties and are usually called out two to three times per month.
He is monitored and then usually sent home, but has to use a taxi to return home. This Carer is always asked to pay his taxi fare, and after having really severe financial problems (registered bankrupt), is on a limited budget and constantly without money. Her state of health is really very poor and she suffers very low self esteem.
Husband needs to have her in his sight at all times and shouts and wails at her all through the night. The Cared For attends the hospice one day a week and has a sitter for five hours per week provided by Social Services.
I contacted the Carer Sitting Service and managed to get another four hours to enable this Carer to go out and do her shopping, visit the dentist and doctor’s, etc.
The Cared For also receives respite now, every seven weeks, which has relieved the situation.
This Carer attended the DCA Tideswell Christmas Carol Service plus a Christmas meal outing, she reacted by saying she had enjoyed the occasion so much it was like going on holiday and although she has been caring for 45 years, has never been supported for her own needs as a Carer and was so appreciative.

I managed to obtain £250 for a break for her with ladies from the local church, to Torquay – her first holiday in years.
I am giving on-going support to this Carer at outside venues for coffee and a chat, usually on a monthly basis, hopefully she will gain support by coming to groups and carers venues when it is possible.