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Carer Profile 11

The gentleman cares for his wife, who has advanced MS.
This Carer has been divorced from his wife for over two years but still remains her main carer. She is the mother of his two children, a boy and a girl aged eight and ten.

This Carer does not live with his ex-wife but has rented a house very near to her so he can help her and the children who were becoming very young carers and this was having an adverse effect on their education and state of mind.

Mum wants the children with her and Dad has tried to keep it this way, but each time she is admitted to hospital the children stay with Dad at his home and then do not want to return to Mum.

Family Carers and the Sitting Service are involved, who were contacted by myself this Carer now has contact and help from a Social Worker at Shirebrook who is now supporting in a very positive way.
This Carer is keen to take the children away on a normal holiday and I have contacted Holidays for Carers who have promised to fund a stay in a caravan at Avon Holidays, Primrose Valley.

The Carer is trying to support his ex-wife so she can stay at home as long as possible, but residential care seems very likely, he will then be the sole carer to his two children.