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Carer Profile 13

A Carer has recently been asked to go onto Continuing Care, where all the Care is paid for by the Primary Care Trust.

I have been helping the Carer with this, as they would like to stay on the system that they have, because they can use Personal Assistants. The whole thing has caused a great deal of stress for both the Carer and the Cared For. The PCT said that they would not pay for respite Care unless they changed to CC. The Carer should have been having respite on the 27th March 2010.

After many phone calls and letters the PCT finally agreed to pay for the weeks respite, on Monday 22 March, so the Cared for went away for a one week break which they are thoroughly enjoying and the Carer is able to enjoy a one week break from caring which they too very much enjoyed.

Respite is so important to Carers to enable them to continue on in their caring role, and without these breaks from routine there lives would have little point.

Case Study 2. A Carer who is looking after their partner and their child. The partner caught a virus which damaged their brain and also caused sleep apnoea. I applied for direct payments for them to employ a Personal Assistant to take them for a drink. They have finally got the payments and they have found someone to take them out. This has given the Cared For something to look forward, to and the Carer a well earned few hours break alone. I have also been working with the transport department, because their child has special needs and goes to school in a taxi. On the days they are at hospital there is no one home to look after the child. I arranged with the transport department for the taxi to take the child to their Grandma’s house, at no extra cost to the family. This took quite awhile to sort out and involved a great deal of telephone calls.

This has added to the quality of their lives because they no longer have to worry about getting back from hospital appointments.