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Carer Profile 2

Karen has been a single parent mum for the last 10 years and has been supporting her elderly mother at home for the last twenty years with the help of her 17 year old son.

Currently, their caring role has increased as Karen’s mother has been discharged from hospital with complications and is home to die. She has refused an operation to remove her leg due to gangrene and ulcers therefore she will not recover.

Karen’s son has supported his Grandma by making her tea and dinner and coming out of school at times to give her company and meals while Karen works part-time. He also supports her in the evening and when Karen does the shopping. Karen and her family are willing to support her Mum who is an integral part of their unit and breaks and holidays have been cancelled as her needs have escalated or been placed first. They have only recently accepted Social Services support since Mum was discharged from hospital.

Karen and her son could really benefit from a break away from their caring roles and may split up the week to have 2 shorter breaks that would be easier for the extended family to help with Mum’s caring role.

The pressures of having to care for her mother over the past 20 years has been a joy for the family as mum has been frail but able to communicate. It is only in the last 2 years that her care needs have increased dramatically, more so since this summer when she refused further treatment.

For Karen and her son to access short breaks away would greatly support them during their later stages of caring.