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Carer Profile 3

Female Carer aged 36 (has health issues), of disabled husband (aged 37) with Leukemia (life limited condition).

Home Visit 5 January 2006 11.5 Hours
DLA Application 5 Hours
(Helped complete forms, due to no-one previously helping them)

Success with DLA.

Referral to Community Matron.

Problem with kitchen – access issues – referral to DCIL/Disability Direct.

Attended June 2005 Carers event.

Applied for Holiday Grant.

Referral by another Cared For and Carer – lifte limiting brain tumour.

Joint meeting 6 December 2005 DCIL/Cover to discuss route with kitchen.

Carer and Cared For both go out fishing – funded by paying Carer car drivers Direct Payments.

Phone call – update Community Matron – January 2006.

Successful application – Holidays for Carers.

Home Visit – update on receipts for grant and student nurse visit.

This particular couple feel very included in their lives as Carer/Cared for they were extremely grateful about the successful application for DLA as they were dissuaded by other agencies from applying as they could lose all benefits!

Also they feel considered and supported by DCA and the other links with allied agencies and health protests through involvement with us.

In turn they have supported someone else in a similar situation of life limiting caring role and phoned and gone fishing together on a regular basis as 2 Cared For men with common ground in their health conditions.