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Carer Profile 4

Norma has supported her adult daughter with learning disabilities as a single parent for over 10 years. She has 2 other daughters who are now at college, working and training.

At this stage Norma has never had a break away from her daughter. A previous weekend respite arranged through Social Services took 18 months to set up and was not a positive experience for her daughter therefore is struggling to find appropriate supportive respite for her.

Norma’s other daughters do support her occasionally but she feels guilty about imposing her needs upon them so it is often only short periods of time and not reliable. Evenings out are often cut short or don’t happen as there is no help with her daughter in the evening to maintain a social life.

Norma has struggled to maintain her household and family and would truly enjoy the freedom of Kiloran, this being a real break from the responsibilities of encouraging and supporting daily routines that keep her daughter’s world safe.

Norma’s extended family live in Scotland so the role is very isolating and her ex-husband does not share support for his daughter in any way.

Norma came to us 2 years ago and we have been supporting her through the emotional journey of getting help and so far it has not been an easy or direct route for help, and has involved support for depression and ongoing dialogue about the frustrations of her just wanting to have a break away, or an evening off…. Hopefully you will be able to understand and recognise the importance for this Carer to have a supportive visit… She is planning to go at the same time as another Carer from the Alvaston Support group who also has an overwhelming caring role they encourage each other to get help and continue with supporting outside of the meetings.