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Carer Profile 5

This year I visited a Carer who is looking after his wife who has MS. They are both in their forties. He had no other services going in at all. They are a very close couple who wanted to carry on as they were, they did not want people coming in to their home, they wanted to manage as best they could for as long as they could but both were aware that they may have to accept help at some stage.

The Carer is unable to work so money is pretty tight but they are very creative with how they manage.
When I visited them, both the Carer and his wife were concerned about the amount of time they spent together; they felt that this was becoming a problem and that little things were starting to get them down, they were becoming “bad tempered with each other”. I asked the Carer if there was anything he would like to do separate from his wife. They showed me an advert for an Archery course, the course was quite expensive and you also had to buy equipment, having said that to go to it each week was relatively cheap, but they could not afford the start up costs. Apart from this cost there would be no other costs as the Cared for could be left alone.
They also wanted to go to London for a holiday later in the year; they usually stayed in a Travel Lodge, very user friendly places and stayed for about 4 days. This year they were finding it a real hard struggle to find the money.
After chatting with them for some while I went away and sent a letter to a local Trust Fund, who had donated money in the past for other Carers. In the letter I broke down all the costs and explained that the Carer wanted to go on an Archery course. I also made an application to Holidays for Carers for their short break in London.
Several weeks later I received a letter and a cheque for the full amount for the Archery course and also a letter and a cheque for the holiday.
I have spoken to the Carer several times since and things have definitely improved, they both sound more positive and up beat, the Archery course is going well and they now have different things to talk about. They really enjoyed their holiday in London, they managed to get a very good deal.
They know that they can contact me at any time and I will try and help, but I will also maintain contact by telephone as well.