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Carer Profile 6

Mr B is 72 years of age, his wife is now in nursing care (Alzheimers) and he is on a low income, struggling to build a life without his wife – financially and emotionally.

Mrs E is 48 and her husband in now in nursing care as he has lost his speech and mobility although this is not news, the Carer’s 21 year old daughter has moved out of the family home and the Carer is on her own for the first time. Her feeling of isolation due to her daughter leaving is a reminder of the loss of her husband and she is struggling with decisions about what to do now.

Over a period of 4 months these Carers have met to discuss the chance of respite at Kiloran. They have considered and planned the week they can go, separately and discussed with an area co-ordinator whether they would like to go together. Finally, they have met each other, exchanged numbers in January with the area co-ordinator and planned their times of departures. They have phoned and met up in between these dates and bought train tickets together for their journey in February half term.


Derby Carers Centre has sourced funding to pay for 1 weeks stay £500.00
at Kiloran for both Carers.

Derby Carers Centre sourced funding for train fares to London £34.00

Derby Carers Centre sourced funding for 2 theatre tickets to see £84.00
Mama Mia in the West End and for refreshments

Derby Carers Centre sourced funding for London bus and underground £42.00
rail travel.

There is also £30 at Kiloran for each Carer to go out for a meal or entry to an attraction.
Derby Carers Centre has also supplied each Carer with a disposable camera to record their break.

The above Carers have received funding from 5 different charities to achieve this unusual package of support. This is a financial package of support which the co-ordinator strongly felt was reflected by the extreme isolation and poverty in both homes. On the day when we bought the rail tickets, the Carers were like 2 young people, excited about a trip! (So different to the home visits which they shared their sadness). To send them to Kiloran together means the experience will not be so scarce of friendly faces and where one Carer is quite the other is chatty and we hope their time at Kiloran will give them new confidence to greet new experiences.

Area Co-ordinator time:-

Home Visits 4 4.5 Hours
Letters 5 2 Hours
Phone Calls 20+ 2 Hours
Forms/Applications 8 0.5 Hours

As an expression of time – 11 hours of work and 2 hours of travelling time in car.

13 Hours total over 5 months.