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Carer Profile 8

Both Carer and Cared for are early 80’s Mrs G who cares for her husband since diagnosis 8 months ago and previously when his condition presented and it became obvious there was something wrong , unsteadiness, falls and uncontrollable tremors.

Mr G diagnosed with Parkinson’s by consultant and medication commenced, it was undetected for some time that Mr G was taking his medication incorrectly and staying up until 2 am to enable him to take his medication, this was happening for some weeks,

Action: when I went to visit we looked at blister packs for meds and daily dispensers these had not previously been mentioned.

Mrs G: It has been noted by her son and daughter in law that she is becoming increasingly forgetful and concern that she has early onset dementia, as retains little information on day to day basis. On the day I visited it was forgotten I would be attending and within 2 hours totally forgotten that I had attended.
Action: Suggested to the son that if concern continues she could visit the GP

Summary of action taken:

  • Benefits application and completion of forms
  • OT assessment requested which has since been done
  • Medication packs and pharmacist explanation to family of how to be administered
  • Additional respite support
  • Aware of local groups
  • Member of DCA
  • Ongoing support ensure continuity of care
    Son is supporting his wife who as pancreatic cancer trying to support to whole family