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Carers Group Testimonial

Hello I just wanted to leave a message to thank DCA for the meeting that I attended yesterday at The Peter Webster Centre for Carers

I have to say it was the most fantastic, worthwhile meeting I have ever been to in by life actually I think.
There was so much input from the people that were there, they were all trying to sort one another’s problems out and giving advice and guidance of where to go about things, both for the Carers of the old people and for Carers of the younger ones.
I was very glad I could come and the speaker (Janette Wajis from social services), she was great too.
I will speak to DCA staff later on in the week when I’ve had this assessment done on my Dad about his level of care.
Thank you very much DCA, as I say I thought it was an excellent meeting, really good, I fact everyone was buzzing it was so good!
Kath Evans