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Derbyshire Young Carers’ Service provides support to Young Carers across the county.

Following initial assessment Young Carers will complete a Support Plan and receive interventions appropriate to their level of needs.

These can include:

• One-to-one support
• Information and Advice
• Social Activates and peer support
• Support Groups and Specialist Group Work
• Advocacy and Mediation Support
• Signposting and Transitional Support
• Education, Training and Employment Support.
• Whole Family Activities and sibling support

To meet the eligibility criteria for Derbyshire Young Carers Service, children and young people must be:

• Undertaking caring tasks that would be considered over and above what would be expected for their age or level of development and are
• Experiencing a negative impact on their lives linked to their caring role

Children and Young People may not be eligible:
• If there is no parental/guardian consent (as appropriate)
• If caring responsibilities are due to neglect or parenting difficulties

A discussion with the Young Carers’ Service team is encouraged if there is any doubt regarding eligibility so as to avoid any potential disappointment.

A waiting list is in operation. This assists in the management of the high number of referrals received and enables the organising of appropriate support. There are some situations where support can be offered more immediately and this will need to be discussed with the Young Carers Team.

How to make a referral and get in touch

Our referral form needs to be completed for each young person (including those within the same family) being referred.

Anyone can make a referral including family members, however, parental permission is needed for those under 18 years.

young carers leaflet

These forms can be sent via post to our Head Office or e-mail:

The family can, if preferred, make a referral via the phone on 01773 833833

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