Our mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of local Carers by; increasing public awareness of the Carer’s role, challenging the inequalities unpaid Carers face and offering tailored support that is Carer-driven, professional, compassionate, respectful, inclusive and meets individual need.



Carer Centred

Committed to a person-centred approach in all our interactions to provide quality services that reflect the unique circumstances of each individual.   We are proud of our work and it is a great privilege to support Carers through many challenging and significant moments.  We are always mindful of the trust and confidence invested in us by Carers.


Compassion is at the heart of DCA. We listen, expressing kindness, empathy, understanding, dignity, respect, inclusivity and a selfless, benevolent concern for the wellbeing of unpaid Carers – regardless of their circumstances.  We honour and respect peoples differences.


We connect, collaborate and share, recognising the expertise, knowledge and experience of others. 
Ensuring that people with lived experience of caring play a pivotal role in shaping our services.  
Together we can seek change.


We act with integrity and are accountable and honest about what we do and how we do things.  We are open to sharing ideas to best serve and support unpaid Carers. 


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