Once on the service, young carers might be invited to a variety of activities and events, especially during the school holidays.


Here are some photographs from recent events.

Bowling 1.jpg (133 KB)

IMG_0997.jpg (2.63 MB)

IMG-20220817-WA0000.jpg (296 KB)

IMG-20220817-WA0001.jpg (409 KB)

IMG-20220817-WA0002.jpg (210 KB)

Poole's cavern 1 3.8.22.jpeg (118 KB)

Poole's cavern 2 3.8.22.jpeg (125 KB)

IMG-20220817-WA0003.jpg (223 KB)

Paint a pot.jpg (307 KB)

IMG_1006.jpg (2.99 MB)

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