Crisis Cafe Focus Groups

Crisis Café’s are community based out of hours Mental Health support. The aim of a Crisis Café is to be a safe, welcoming place where people can go outside of normal working hours, instead of A&E or other urgent services, if they are feeling emotionally distressed or are in a ‘mental health crisis’. 


They are putting on 3 focus groups towards the end of October, and are inviting anyone with an interest in this service to join them. This will be an opportunity for those who are designing the service to chat to people in more detail about the proposals to set up Crisis Café’s and explore some of the detail around what support people feel should be available, and how they make the service accessible to everyone who needs it. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions of those who are designing the services, and input your ideas.


The focus groups are taking place on:


-          Wednesday 20th October – 2-3pm – this session is for people who identify as being from an ethnic minority – to book on this session click here

-          Tuesday 26th October – 1.30-3pm – this session is for men – to book on this session click here

-          Thursday 28th October – 1.30-3pm – this session is for anyone who would like to attend (if you are male, or from an ethnic minority you can still attend this session if you prefer) – to book on this session click here


The focus groups will take place online using Microsoft Teams. If you do not have experience of using Microsoft Teams, it’s very similar to Zoom and they can provide a user guide to help and assist you. You will be sent a link to click on to join the meeting nearer the time, and technical support is offered at the beginning of the session for anyone needing support. It may also be possible to offer support prior to the date of the focus group, if you have never used online platforms before, and feel anxious about it, they can do a practice run. If despite this you feel unable to take part, then they are happy to discuss with you other ways in which you could get involved, e.g. by telephone or email.


If you are interested in joining one of these focus groups, please click on the links above and you will be taken to a form to complete. They will be in touch with you to confirm your place once they receive your form. You will be asked some information about your age, ethnicity, gender, and other characteristics. They would be very grateful if you could complete this information, so they can ensure they are including a diverse range of people in this work, but it is optional.


If you have any questions, contact Karen Lloyd and she will do her best to answer them.

Karen Lloyd (née Ritchie) | Head of Engagement | Joined Up Care Derbyshire