A Carer Personal Budget (formally known as a Carer’s Break Award or Grant) is an amount of money arising from a carer assessment, which is to support you in your caring role. It is not means tested and if you are eligible for this, you have a wide choice about how the money is spent. The budget is made available for you to specifically spend on identified purchases or activities which improve your quality of life as a Carer.


The budgets are given subject to you as a Carer fulfilling certain criteria to be eligible and these are determined as a result of you having had a Carers Assessment. The budget is conditional on this assessment and has to be based on information gathered by DCA. It is not automatically awarded or ‘rolled-over’ from year to year but individually assessed on each occasion.


If you previously received a carer personal budget issued through Derbyshire Carers Association, it is important to note the changes in the eligibility criteria for carers introduced by the Care Act in April 2015 and how these changes have affected decisions relating to Carer Personal Budgets. More information about the national eligibility criteria for carers can be found at http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/carers


From *April 2017*, there will be a banded approach in Derbyshire to calculate the value of a Carer Personal Budget, which will make the amounts issued fairer, more transparent and benefit those carers with the greatest need. The bands will be linked to the extent that the caring role is impacting on the carer and the worker conducting the assessment will determine the band from information obtained  during the carer assessment.  The banded amounts will start at *£100.00*, *£175.00* and *£300.00* and if the top band does not meet a carer’s needs, then a higher amount may, in exceptional circumstances, be made based on a detailed assessment.


You will need to contact Derbyshire Carers Association to arrange for a re-assessment or review to be considered for a Carer Personal Budget. If you have experienced a significant change in your caring role since your last Carer Personal Budget, you may still be eligible under the new eligibility criteria.

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