The Carers in Employment initiative is commissioned by Derbyshire County Council. Our Carer Friendly Employer Quality Award is achieved by considering your organisation’s current understanding of unpaid Carers and how you can better support them to remain in work.

Working towards the Award we will look at your current:

Understanding & Identification of Carers and caring

  • Gain an understanding of what caring can look like for the individual as every Carer’s experience is different
  • How Carers are identified at work, or how could they be
  • What are the barriers discouraging Carers from identifying themselves

Policies & procedures to support Carers at work

  •  Is there a recognition of Carers in policies & procedures
  •  Are Carers involved in discussions surrounding support in the workplace
  •  Compliance with current statutory obligations
  •  Are managers and supervisors aware of organisational policies and support
  •  Do you have a Carer’s Passport

Support for your organisation

  •  Training for all staff but specifically your Carers Champions and Managers
  •  Resources to support Carers Champions
  •  Peer-to-peer support/Carers Network
  •  Access to information about support at work
  •  Access to external support and services

How workplace support is communicated

  •  Workplace support, policies & procedures communicated to all staff
  •  Communication tools
  •  Promotional materials
  •  Wider business community

On completion of the award you will receive:

  • A Carer Friendly Employer logo
  • A certificate to display in the workplace
  • Promotion of your achievement to local media and via our social media channels
  • A case study for inclusion on our website
  • Support materials – to promote your Carer friendly status and engage your employees
  • Local & national signposting to help in the community
  • Networking with other Carer champions
  • Monitoring to review how the organisation and staff are benefitting

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