Eileen Cares for her sister Shirley who has depression, OCD, anorexia, lung and heart problems and currently has a Body Mass Index of 13.4. Eileen suffers from stress and depression herself. Shirley turns to Eileen for support and also has support from Adult Social Care and Derbyshire Mental Health Care.

The relationship between the sisters is fractious as Shirley relies upon Eileen for support which, although she tries, she is unable to give sufficiently. Eileen also feels emotionally manipulated by Shirley. This results in arguments and causes Eileen to feel stressed and down. Eileen struggles with her own mental health issues and, apart from the occasions when Shirley stays with her, lives on her own. Eileen also has a daughter who drinks heavily and is in a volatile relationship.

Eileen talks to Adult Social Care and Derbyshire Mental Health Care regarding her sister’s care but feels Shirley is not given the correct support, as Shirley is deemed to have capacity due to her maintaining her weight. Shirley needs to have an operation but has been refused due to her low weight. Various respite placements have been sort for Shirley but they have all refused to take her as they feel her BMI is too low.

Eileen would like her sister to go to a place which specialises in Anorexia but Shirley is reluctant.

Although Eileen tries to spend time with her beloved cat and landscaping her garden, Shirley can be resentful and jealous of this as it takes Eileen away from her.


I have provided 2 support calls to Eileen as she feels at the end of her tether. Eileen stated that she struggles to maintain her relationship with her other sister as they are both really frustrated about Shirley’s situation.

We have discussed Eileen looking after her own mental health and I have provided information for a website that provides support for people with anorexia and for those who care for them. I contacted our Adult Social Care liaison worker to check on the support Shirley was receiving but did not discuss this with Eileen as Shirley has requested for it not to be discussed with her family. I also tried to encourage Eileen to access counselling as she has a multiple of issues which she confided in me. I feel past and presents events compound her negative emotions.

Eileen was reluctant to do so but by the end of the 2nd support call she felt it may help her and I emailed her a self-referral link to TPTS.


Outcomes Achieved

Eileen has expressed how grateful she feels that DCA has taken the time to contact her and found our conversations helpful and supportive.

After our first conversation Eileen decided to contact Derbyshire Mental Health Care and has a 3 way conversation booked between herself, her other sister and a member of staff from Derbyshire Mental Health Care.

 After the second support call Eileen agreed to contact TPTS. I emailed her the link so she can do this when she feels ready.


 I have scheduled a third and final support call to check outcome of meeting and hopefully leave Eileen in a more positive position.


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