Vicky was referred to us by Chesterfield Royal Hospital with the aims of trying to give her the support she needs to cope during this crisis.

Vicky is an experienced nurse who is not currently able to work due to trying to protect her son and daughter from Covid 19, she has not left the home since March 2020.

Vicky provides all necessary support to her daughter (university age) and her son (school age) who both have their own physical health challenges.

Vicky’s daughter is unable to return to university due to her rare condition and the current restrictions.

Her son is also shielding.   

Vicky is also vulnerable herself in terms of her own health.



DCA did a short carers assessment for Vicky which resulted in the following:


1.       Must needed emotional support for Vicky just from the phone call as she had her concerns listened to.

2.       A referral was made to DCA telephone befriending service for longer term emotional support / friendship for Vicky whilst she is shielding.

3.       We signposted Vicky to Carers UK for accurate information / updates on Covid 19 and other relevant issues.

4.       A support call was arranged for 2 weeks’ time from DCA to determine if further assistance is required.

5.       Vicky is going to consider the prospective benefits of a Derbyshire County Council Carers Emergency Card, this was discussed in some detail.

6.       Personal budget application enabling Vicky to purchase a lap top which will provide some of the following benefits:

- An opportunity to work from home in the near future (Vicky reported she is an experienced nurse with many skills)

- It will enable Vicky to keep in touch with the outside world, family and friends

- It will enable Vicky to research relevant topics / issues and keep updated with events and local news

- It will give Vicky the chance to get through this time by playing puzzles and games


In terms of the personal budget application Vicky doesn’t have a laptop of her own and is struggling using her I phone and shared her concerns about her employment more longer term.



Outcomes Achieved

Vicky is now aware of DCA and the prospective support available if required. 

Vicky has reported she is now feeling more supported and said the emotional support from the telephone conversation alone aided her wellbeing and helps to know she can call for future assistance if required.

In terms of Vicky’s mental wellbeing, Vicky is now safe and feeling reassured in the knowledge she will receive contact in 2 weeks from DCA and shortly have a telephone friend supporting her until she is able to leave the home again.




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