Christine Cares for her husband Kenneth, who is 65 and has physical disabilities due to an accident that has left him without the use of his right leg.

Kenneth also duffers with COPD, depression, and arthritis. Kenneth struggles with day to day activities, due to the lack of balance and needing to use mobility aids all day. Due to Covid-19 Kenneth is on the shielding list, and has not been out of the house for a number of months.



Christine had a review of their Carers Assessment, and a look at how she was coping with the lockdown. We also looked into if they had support to help maintain Kenneth’s  shielding needs.

During the review it was identified that Christine spends a lot of time at home, and in particular the garden. Christine expressed how important it is for her to get out and spend she time with nature, and how this gave her some respite from her caring role and helped her mental health.

Christine also knew about services, and that Kenneth can be registered on the Derbyshire County Council vulnerable list, but felt able to continue with their normal routine.

Christine has an emergency carers’ card, and we ensured that the details where up to date. 


Outcomes Achieved

DCA applied for a personal budget for Christine, so that they can use the money towards garden equipment and decorations.

This would help Christine continue to use the garden and create a space for themselves. This would then help to support their mental health and well-being. It would also help to support Christine to have a break from her caring role within the restrictions of the lock-down.

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