Natasha helps look after her mum who suffers from MS, she also help support her parents who care for her autistic brother. Natasha’s father works nights 4 days a week this is when she cooks tea for Mum and her siblings and will also complete household chores. Natasha is in the process of sitting her GCSE’s.

Natasha’s responsibilities at home allows little time for her to do things she wants, and finds it difficult to be able to plan things. Natasha spends little time with friends outside of school but would like to. She spends a lot of her spare time completing school work – her attendance and attainment at school is very good.

 Natasha’s enjoyment in life is quite low and I don’t feel that she sees the importance of looking after herself. Natasha has thoughts of suicide and self-harm, however reports she wouldn’t act on these thoughts. These thoughts can vary in frequency, but can usually be triggered by stressful events (arguments with friends/family). Natasha has been referred to Cahms and she has started to receive support to help her to deal with suicidal thoughts and self-harm, including creating a safety plan and maintaining progress plan.



    • Brief piece of work - 121 support to look at things needed to support Natasha

    • Referral to adult carers for carer’s assessment for Natasha’s dad for his caring duties for mum. Carer’s assessment for mum for her caring duties for her autistic son.


  •          Family meeting to look at how things to could change to take some of the responsibility off Natasha and to look how the other sibling could share the role. Hopefully this will reduce the pressure on Natasha if the role is shared amongst all siblings.

  •          Conversation with CAHMS to continue the support as the issues that Natasha has in relation to self-harming are not due to her caring role.


Although this was a short piece of work, the few things that were possible issues were discussed with the family when Natasha was there so that they could all look at ways to move forward as a family. Whilst supporting Natasha it was also evident that mum and dad would benefit with further info and advice from Derbyshire carers association.

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